Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jim Bruce Acoustic Blues Guitar - Scrapper Blackwell - Back Door Woman

Blues Guitar Lessons Scrapper Blackwell was an extremely creative blues man, always adding that extra unusual chord combination to put a unique stamp on his songs. this open D songs follows that general rule of surprising the listener, but also has enough cliché inside it too keep us comfortable - (my, my - erudite Jim) Another thing I like about Blackwell's stuff is the way he puts the words together. When he sings 'I left my baby in the back door cryin'' you can just about see it. When he sings he's got the blues, you just know he has and he's had them all his life. It just comes over. If you going for blues guitar lessons and want to learn authentic acoustic blues guitar, don't just go for the standard stuff that one plays. Search out the work of Scrapper, Floyd Council, Pink Anderson, Gus Cannon, Bo Carter and loads of other 'minor' figures. One of the most unsung artists - he deserves a lot more recognition. Hope you like it, Cheers Jim

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