Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jim Bruce Blues Guitar - Death Don't Have No Mercy - Reverend Gary Davis

Blues Guitar Lessons I've got a cold and feel like death - the song seemed appropriate. Sorry about the voice. When I first heard Gary Davis his voice was past it's best, but the overall power of this great original blues music just bowled me over. Some friends didn't like it too much, as he sometimes fluffed notes, but this kind of performance behavior is a massive thing that has all but disappeared now. We all try to get a perfect sound, with no missed notes or buzzing - well it was never like that. It was vibrant and real, and moved people. A master like Davis didn't really care if he missed note or two. He knew his power and message, and was very secure in what he did. That's a great lesson for all of us right there, and not just a blues guitar lesson! Have a great year. Cheers Jim This video My channel

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