Thursday, February 7, 2013

One of the problems with committing to keep a journal is that fear that we won't have anything to say one day! Well, this is mostly nonsense - none of us are so boring. Out minds are full of thoughts rushing around like demons - unfortunately, many of them are not too constructive.

After encountering the famous 'guitarist's block' a few weeks ago, I found myself languishing a little. You know the feeling, just tired of playing the same old thing. Of course, we love the music, but change is important. What to do when you hit the 'wall' ?

Sometimes, I'll play tunes right out of my style, like old pop tunes or swing jazz (not that I can play it very well) and thing just might kick me out of the lethargy. Just lately I find myself going back to the roots again and again.

Even after playing complex ragtime for many years, it's refreshing to listen to the old guys and hear again how it all started. A few weeks ago I started to play a couple of old Reverend Gary Davis songs - then another, then another and I soon found my old enthusiasm coming back.

What artistry! The old man's chord structure and picking patterns are very interesting and a challenge for all of us. I even found a couple of clips on Youtube featuring songs that I hadn't heard before - treasure indeed. Here's  a clip of 'Feel Like Going On'.


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    1. For myself, the problem I have with writing these blues down is that it makes them more real...but I do it just the same.
      --jen w.