Thursday, April 11, 2013

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons - Tips For Playing That Old Blues In E

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons

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Of course, there's a lot more to playing a slow blues in E than meets the eye (or maybe less?) Often we play without really thinking about those little things we do to make this stuff interesting and also what strategies we have to pick and sing at the same time.

In this video I'm taking a closer look at a song I wrote called 'New Orleans' - I take it apart a little, and offer some ideas that can be incorporated into any blues in E. Someone once said that a good blues guitarist makes something difficult seem easy, and makes something easy seem difficult - you can make whatever you like out of that! Sounds good though.

Very often, simple things work if they are put together properly.

Have a good time with it, comment and ask questions if you like. If you like the video, the name's Jim Bruce - if you don't, it's daddystovepipe ...

Keep on pickin'

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