Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Learn Blues Guitar - Jim Bruce Student Video - Hey hey

Learn Blues Guitar This video was sent to me by one of my students -- he's playing Hey hey by Big Broonzy and does a great job. His channel Back in the 1960s there were not too many very good acoustic blues guitar players around. American students of the original acoustic guitar styles had found all the surviving blues masters and were busily copying their techniques, putting it down on paper as they went. Guitar players such as Stefan Grossman and many others did a great service to future generations by putting together a simple tabalature system to learn blues guitar. It definitely cut corners - in place of listening to the old blues and attempting to work out where the fingers went, it was written out, and expedited the learning activity. Very shortly, numerous guitarists were tackling the most complex ragtime arrangements, and finger picking became increasingly more intricate, with guitarists using their thumb, 2, 3 and sometimes all their fingers to finger pick! How did this situation come about? Possibly in an attempt to copy the sounds of the classic guitarists like Blind Arthur Blake and Gary Davis, more fingers came into use. It was a way around, and meant that one finger needn't move so fast, which was how the old guys did it. However, its not that easy to learn blues guitar with that elusive authentic feel.. Even though the finger picking is correct technically speaking, there is frequently something missing in present day performances - a delicate change in the tempo and that evasive feeling that talks to the listener. One finger moving quickly over the strings gives a certain accent to the beat, which can't be simulated by using more fingers. Additionally, the bass strike differs in it's attack and power when more fingers are used. The hunt for technical complexity can become the Holy Grail for guitarists starting to learn blues guitar, but it's a mistake to look at it this way. Few players can match the power of the classic blues masters, simply because the underlying techniques are not solid enough. There are no short cuts to the power of the blues. Listen to the bass patterns of guitarists like Big Bill Broonzy, Gary Davis and Lightnin Hopkins. Lightnin' could play just one bass note and make your spine tingle. It isn't the complex technique that makes the blues, but the feeling and power behind it. Learn Blues Guitar Related: learn and master blues guitar, blues songs to learn on guitar, learn blues guitar free, learn slide blues guitar, blues guitar lessons, blues licks guitar, free blues guitar lessons, blues licks lesson,

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