Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blues Guitar Lessons - Floyd Council - Trufire Entry N° 4

Go Vote: Blues Guitar Lessons Online Lessons Searchin' For My Baby - Floyd Council Floyd Council was a so-called 'minor' blues and his name rings a bell for most people because Pink Floyd named their group after him and Pink Anderson - incidentally, Floyd and Pink never even met. There are only 6 tracks of Floyd's songs, but he played second guitar on some of Blind Boy Fuller's recordings and their styles are very similar. There's a rich vein of ragtime style music emanating from Carolina, two of the finest being Willie Walker and Reverend Gary Davis, who taught Fuller when they played together around the tobacco warehouses of Durham. Many of the licks used in 'Searchin' For My Baby', which is played in C, can be traced back to Davis' playing and Floyd's picking is solid and infectious. The song has a syncopated feel and many individual right and techniques are brought into play - thumb rolls, thumb jumps, alternating bass patterns and single string runs picked alternately with thumb and forefinger. Like a great many master acoustic blues guitar pickers, he used just one finger and of course the Thumb Is King! Listen to the original carefully to pick up the things that are not normally tabbed properly, if at all, such as where to damp a section and which hand to use for that damping. Above all, don't forget why we are doing this - to have fun! If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong. Peace, Jim

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