Thursday, January 22, 2015

Acoustic Blues Guitar - Livin' With The Blues - Brownie McGhee Cover

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I'm sure that it's tough to get enough time to play guitar, especially if you are raising a family and have a job to go to. A lot of people playing blues guitar when they are younger with a passion, and then tend to get less and less as we get hooked up with a woman, or decide to develop a 'career' - and when older it's hard to balance a relationship with a significant other, children and work similtaneously!

Little surprise that practising guitar often gets shelved for other things deemed more important. Well, that's what happened to me at any rate. After performing at professional level between my twenties and thirties, and I suddenyl found myself married. Without a doubt, I had to find a great job to keep my new growing family, all of which takes a lot of time, motivation and energy. In short, my playing just kind of fizzled out and I stopped playing for good, for five years or more - this really isn't a good thing to do.

I imagined that I could simply grab the guitar when I wnated to play again and just pick from where I was - I was dead wrong. Many lonths of little practice made a large gap in my previosu expertise and the state of playing 5 years later. I got most of it back after practising regularly for about a year. But - I didn't get all the easiness of playing in exactly the same way that I used to.

If my emails are any judge, there are lots of baby boomers returning to acoustic blues guitar after not playing for many years, and they find it difficult even they used to play well previously. I always give away the same piece of advice - just makesure you play each day, just for a little while. It absolutely makes a huge difference - 2 minutes a day keeps those muscle memories working.

Cheers Jim

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