Friday, March 27, 2015

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons Online - Rev Gary Davis - Learn Blues Guitar Fingerpicking


Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons  FREE Blues Guitar Lessons Here

Blues Guitar Tips - Rev Gary Davis - Learn Blues Guitar Fingerpicking

The Reverend favored a big body Gibson - great rich, profound bass notes and distinctive treble sound (probably good for slicing through traffic noise as he played on the streets.) He wore finger picks to protect his fingers he said, which amplify the guitar sound naturally but additionally save the fingers becoming sore from performing for many hours, as blues men did in those days.

He wore a big plastic Dunlop-type pick worn high on his thumb, and on is forefinger he wore a steel pick. Amazingly, he picked the strings with just one finger, which scarcely seems feasible with such complicated syncopation. That magic thumb could bounce all round the fret board, not happy with playing just the bass strings.

The thumb might also pull out of regular timing doubling the beat, which demnstrates formidable mastery of the guitar. Another Gary Davis characteristic were his finger pickingruns on single strings. He'd hit one string string in an alternate pattern with thumb and finger in quick succession very fast, while singing!

 FREE Blues Guitar Lessons Here

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