Thursday, July 18, 2013

Floyd Council - Runaway Man Blues (Cover)

Blues Guitar lessons Free Robert Johnson Lesson Seem to have got stuck in a Floyd Council phase. Love this stuff - goes right inside because it's real. Take it easy, Cheers Jim

Monday, July 8, 2013

Floyd Council Cover - Lookin' For My Baby

Free Love in Vain lesson Blues Guitar lessons I play a Floyd Council cover somewhere in the video, but things didn't go as planned! Ever the pro, I had the camera switched off when it should have been on and vice versa. Anyway, got the sound so cobbled something together . Just love the style of Council's - easy to copy, but so, so hard to get the feel - bit like Broonzy in that respect. In fact, think I'll post Broonzy's 'Guitar Shuffle next ... Cheers Jim PS Haven't posted for a while - went to Lisbon for a week and forgot to come back - nice down there. Take it easy.