Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons - Jim's Pickin' Tips - Gary Davis' Hesitation Blues

Not really a lesson, but more some thoughts about how I play hesitation Blues now and also in the past. Take it easy 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons - Lady Madonna Part 2 - Jim Bruce

Last week we looked at the walking bass part of Lady Madonna and found that the thumb and finger parts are pretty easy. The tough part is putting them together! After that, you should find the second part a piece of cake.
Give me a shout if you'd like the pdf to download, and also any request you might have for other short lessons. Best Jim 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Acoustic Blues Guitar? Let's Plug In That Old Cigar Box Guitar ...

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons http://goo.gl/dCwAAe Still doodling around on the old CBG - got quite carried away for a minute or two. Best, Jim http://ift.tt/1lMDdAm http://ift.tt/1sr29EY

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons - Thumb Control Lesson #23 - Lady Madonna


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I think I only played Lady Madonna once in public. It's away from my usual acoustic blues guitar style and I've lost the touch a bit after not playing it for a year or so. It's great fun to play and also a good way to improve thumb control. Whatever finger picking guitar style we prefer, thumb control is going to improve whatever we do. For example, it allows us to be more creative and maybe walk up the basses instead of alternating bass strings or just hitting one bass string all the time. Don't get me wrong - some of the best acoustic blues guitar ever uses a monotonic bass line, but it's good to explore all the possibilities. There's nothing difficult in either the bass or melody lines, but putting it together is a challenge which brings heaps of satisfaction. All you need to do is practice and make that godawful decision - do you want a social life or work towards being a guitar god? Ah well, life's never simple.

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons

Take it easy, have fun Jim