Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons - Blind Blake's Guitar Tips

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons 

You could think of ragtime blues guitar as the pinnacle of acoustic blues guitar finger picking, and Blind Blake would be the King of the genre. It's not just his blinding speed, but the syncopation he achieves with fats finger triplets and also his amazing rolling thumb basses - we can have a stab at how he does it, but trying to perfect it takes years (I'm still trying). 

Even when he's not playing fast guitar, he still manages to create that bounce. Did he wear picks? Who knows? There's not much we do know about him, except that he left some of the finest examples of ragtime picking ever recorded. 
Keep it real Peace Jim

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons - Some Dylan Picking


Blues Guitar Lessons

Buckets of Rain - The story goes that Dylan was performing around Greenwich Village, and mostly strumming traditional folk songs mixed with his own works. He went away for a while and came back with a brand new finger picking style (bit like the R Johnson story). Buckets of Rain is one of his finger picking songs which I always liked, so I've posted it here.

It's in dropped D, easy to play and the tab file is added at the end of the video - the trick to get is singing at the same time. Have fun, Jim You can pick up the guitar tab file at the end of the video.

Best, Jim

Acoustic Blues Guitar - Live From The City Streets - Candy Man

Blues Guitar Lessons

Not exactly studio conditions out there on the street, but it really, really gives me some idea of what it was like for those blues pioneers who had no choice.

 Peace, Jim

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Acoustic Blues Guitar - 'You Can't Cross Here' by Jim Bruce

Blues Guitar Lessons I wrote this song some time ago, well, quite a time ago actually. I was playing around with video techniques at the time, but it looks a bit crappy now. Still trying to figure out what the words mean, but that's how it is sometimes - a song just comes out and seems right at the time. Anyway, I like the way the song moves along - and it's nice to see the old Reverend Bavery again ... Cheers, Jim Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons - Seasick Steve Style


Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons

 Seasick Steve's version of Lonesome I could Cry is a masterpiece of understatement (whatever that means). Played in open D, it's easy to play - the challenge is to try and make it as powerful as his version - try it out! There's a link to the tab at the end of the video.

Best Jim

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson - Seasick Steve Style

Acoustic blues is mostly a feeling, and we can try to capture for years without getting close, concentrating on technique and those subtle little tricks that will do the job for us. Other folks make it too pretty and complicated until it's just not real any more.

Every now and again someone comes along and nails it, without hardly trying. Seasick Steve isn't the best guitar player out ther, but look what he does with this old Hank williams song 'So Lonesome I could Cry' Stick with the video to the end when it goes to youtube and you'll find a link to the tab file;

 Best Jim

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cigar Box Guitar Original - Jim Bruce Blues Guitar - HeeHaw!

Blues Guitar Lessons In this video I'm playing a Leo Wojcik custom cigar box guitar (message me for details). Leo sent it to me to try out and as I'd never heard anyone play such a beast before, I thought I would experiment without listening to others. That way you're not copying subconsciously. This is one of the tunes that came out and I'll be posting others over the next week or two. It's tuned to open G (same as the middle four strings of a six string guitar when it's tuned to open G). Cheers, Jim

Friday, July 4, 2014

Acoustic Blues Guitar - 3 Blind Blake Song Covers

Blues Guitar Lessons 3 Blind Blake Songs: Southern Rag - Diddie Wah Diddie - Too Tight Blues